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Parenting Consulting

Simple, loving, lasting parenting solutions

When kids misbehave, it is a misguided route to reaching a goal. By learning and implementing these loving consistent strategies, kids can "re-route" their communication and feel CONNECTED, COURAGEOUS, CAPABLE and like they COUNT,.

Through these consultations you will learn:
  • How to transform family relationships
  • How to design your unique family atmosphere
  • How to manage having different parenting styles from your partner or other family members
  • How to diffuse tantrums
  • Strategies to motivate kids to listen
  • To understand why a child is misbehaving
  • Why it's important for kids to have jobs/chores at home and how to motivate them to want to contribute
  • How to raise a self-motivated kid
  • What to do when healthy sleeping patterns are thrown off
  • To understand your own emotional reactions to your child's misbehaviours
  • Why time-outs often don't work and what to try instead
  •  How your interaction can help significantly reduce sibling rivalry​
  •  How to get kids out the door

The strategies I will help you implement are completely personalized for your family and to your situation. The foundation of my approach is based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs (Adlerian Psychology). 


Each Parenting Package includes 2-3 sessions of Life Coaching for the parent(s). Through my experience I have discovered that it is impossible to create simple, lasting parenting strategies unless we know more about our lives in the now.

When we know where and who we are now, both as a person and as a family, we can use that awareness to draw on unique strengths and values to create effective, loving change. 

Contact me for more information or to book an in-office* or phone consultation.

* In-office coaching & consultation sessions are located at Yonge Street, between Eglinton Ave. & Lawrence Ave.​